Super Smooth Studio

Visual Artist

Super Smooth Studio is the name of the collaboration between the two visual artists, who began the project in 2010. The term “super smooth” defines their own drawing technique, the name being inspired by the name of the super flat art movement. And the second part – " studio" – is referring to the studio / home in Timisoara, space which is shared with a cat and a turtle.

Mimi Ciora (b.1985, Oradea, Romania) consumes: art (in general), illustrations, fanzines, cartoons, Henry Rousseau, Frida Khalo, the Vedas, atlases – botanical, zoological, of curiosities, literature, music etc.

Mircea Popescu (b.1985, Craiova, Romania ) is searching for the image origins being concerned with change and the adaptation of the traditional techniques of engraving and drawing to the new media.